Duties of the Event Organizer


  • Adhere to the deadlines for submitting forms and information laid out below.
  • Secure participants (panelists, performers / artists, presenters, volunteers, etc.).
  • Handle the logistics and administration of the event.
  • Raise funds for your event (if necessary).
  • Advertise for your event.
  • Coordinate with BWRI team along the way.



Please take a look at the checklist below to help you in organizing your BWRI event!


DateDeadlineAction Item
September 25, 2019Intent to organize dueFill in the "Intent to Organize" form
(*this is a soft deadline*)
October 30, 2019Date and time dueEmail Amy Gabarra at BrainWeekRI@gmail.com
November 30, 2019Speakers and venues dueEmail Amy Gabarra at BrainWeekRI@gmail.com
December 11, 2019Final event details dueFill in the "Event Details" form
December 11, 2019Social media event pages dueInstructions above. Email us if you have questions!
Two weeks before eventFinal communications dueContact your speakers/presenters

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Gabarra at BrainWeekRI@gmail.com. If you're a first time organizer, be sure to visit our New Events page as well.